FaceDub 2.3 Unleashed!

February 20, 2009

FaceDub is photo fun!

Hi Everyone!  We just released FaceDub 2.3 with some major new features and changes that will make the FaceDub experience even better. We listened to your emails and suggestions and 2.3 is the result. Hope you all have lots of fun with it.

What’s new?

  • Built-in Body Template Browser – now you can browse and search the wide selection of body photos in the FaceDub application instead of having to copy and paste the code. You can still copy and paste if you prefer but we’re sure you’ll like the new body browser even more!
FaceDub's Body Browser makes finding the body you want a cinch!

FaceDub's Body Browser makes finding the body you want a cinch!

  • Categories – FaceDubs and Body Templates are now organized under categories. For starters we’ve created 8 new categories randing from Fashion to Sports. If you have additional suggestions for new Categories, just leave us a note at the support line. We want to know what you’d like to see!
  • Better Skin Blending – We’ve changed and improved the algorithm to skin blending that should lessen the washed out look. More to come in the next version!
  • Easier Posting – You no longer need to fill out the whole form to post a FaceDub onto the website. By default, if a FaceDub will be placed into the People category if none is selected.
  • Faster Posting – Posting FaceDubs should be on average 20% quicker to upload now as the picture data is being optimised for transfer.
  • Minor bug fixes

Enjoy the new version and keep the emails coming on how to make FaceDub even better!


Template Search Now Powered Up!

September 17, 2008

Hiya Dubberinos!

We just added template searching to the website. Template search is a powerful new tool that helps you find the body templates that you want. The search results for templates are a bit different from ordinary searches. With template searches, the website will now provide you with relevant template information like the template code, number of uses, date added, etc. You will find a few extra goodies where you can limit the search by length of time, ascending or descending order and related tags regarding your search term. In short, Template search just does the right thing when you need it.

Template Search is Clever Science!

Small footnote: Now when you enter the template section on the website, the default search will automatically set itself to templates and return to your default search when you go to any other part of the site. Please let us know if you spot any bugs!

The cousin of the small footnote: We’re working hard on version 2.22, a lot of mathy formulas and balancing are being put into the app that will make FaceDub even better. Stay tuned!

Big Honkin’ Update 2.21

August 28, 2008

Hi FaceDubbers! It’s time for another update but this time FaceDub gets its own makeover. Here is a screen shot for you to check out:

Yummy buttons look like candy!

Yummy buttons look like candy!

The buttons are animated so they seem to pleasantly “squish”, color icons, gradients and better progress bars. After you post to the FaceDub website, you’ll get a pop up asking if you’d like to jump to the page that you just created. Several UI tweaks and more image processing improvements. Hope you enjoy the new version! The next version of FaceDub will start adding more features and we’ll create an automating option to few steps in the process. Stay tuned!

Realism Rating added

August 12, 2008

Hi all, this is a short blurb about something you have all probably noticed by now. We’ve added a realism rating to posted FaceDubs. You can now order FaceDubs by their realism using the pulldown menu under the “Browse Tab”. We’ll be developing more soon! Stay tuned….

Itty bitty update 2.121

July 25, 2008

We just made a small fix to version 2.12 that resolves a flickering issue some people have been experiencing. We’re calling it 2.121 just for versionology’s sake.

FaceDub 2.12 Released

July 23, 2008

FaceDub 2.12 is out and about. This time, we focused on tighter controls and a better overall experience when making a head swap.

The new version includes:

– Tighter controls so they don’t take up as much screen real estate
– Added a skin match reset button so you can start over if the skin matching is too out of whack.
– Multiple monitor support
– Window memory so the window will remember its size and place when you last ran the program
– Fix for a bug that didn’t allow a few users from seeing the “Next Button”



Templates Section is now open!

June 21, 2008

The Body Templates section is now up and running. With it, you’ll be able to check out the most popular body templates people are using. We just turned it on so the stats are low but eventually the funniest and best templates will bubble up to the top.

You can organize popular templates by “Most Created”, “Most Recent” and “Most Favorite”. “Most Favorite” is decided by how many times people vote for a particular FaceDub as a favorite. Have fun with this new feature 🙂

Go to Templates Section


FaceDub 2.11 Released

June 19, 2008

Hi all, we just released FaceDub 2.11 which has a set of minor improvements for your head swapping enjoyment.

The new version includes:

– Better body template support for our new template section that will be opened up soon.
– Added move/rotation/scaling tools to close up erase stage so you can better tweak your creation
– image processing improvements



FaceDub 2.1 Released!

June 2, 2008

Alright, the latest version of FaceDub is up on the site, version 2.1. With this update comes integrated Ecard support, better image processing, better error checking, better internet support, user interface improvements, better help screens and minor bug fixes. Enjoy!

You can get it here at this link: